Referring to ILLEGAL ARREST of Grigori Grabovoi, the Chairman of the Formed Political Party „ДРУГГ“ of RF


We apply to all citizens of Russia and the world, to the leaders of countries, to all social-political and legal organizations of the world with an offer to take part in social and legal actions on protection and full acquittal of a citizen of RF, the chairman of the newly-formed political party ДРУГГ of RF and his honest name.

Many of mass media aired topics with incomplete and often doubtful information about Grigoriy Grabovoy, his followers, and reasons of the events, which took place. The aim of this information is to make it difficult for people to understand the sense of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s activities. Mass media create a negative image and therefore hamper development of a new party ДРУГГ and prevent increase of its headcount. Due to replication of false information a lot of people became involuntary participants of the situation.

Two years ago Grigoriy Grabovoy declared about his intention to found a political party and be a candidate to the position of president of Russian Federation in 2008.

Soon after his declaration mass media started massed, quite obviously ordered by someone, slanderous campaign that resulted in his arrest and imprisonment on 5th April 2006.

Currently Grigoriy Grabovoy is in prison Lefortovo.

Many of human rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of Russian Federation have been violated.

For the purpose of reinstatement of rights and freedoms of the man and citizen of Russia, including the right of citizens for trustworthy information, we consider it to be our duty to inform the World community about the ILLEGAL ARREST of Grigoriy Grabovoy, about Grigoriy Grabovoy, about ideology, aims and objectives of the newly-formed party DRUGG.

Short Biographical Reference

Grigoriy Grabovoy was born on 14th November 1963 in village Kirovsky (ex village Bogara) of Kirovsky district, Chimkent region of Republic of Kazakhstan. He lives in Moscow.

He graduated from the faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics of Tashkent State University by profession “Mechanics”. He has medical education by profession “Treatment work”.

He is a Doctor of Physical-Mathematical and Technical Sciences, Professor; Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of International Academy of Informational Science of U.N.O. (Международной академии информатизации АЧ ООН), and of other academies in Russia and abroad.

He is the author of the Teachings “About Salvation and Harmonic Development” confirmed by the charter documents of U.N.O.; an expert on power-informational technologies, the author of discovery of creating area of information, of special course “Technologies of Preventive Forecasting and Safe Development” and of many other training and professional technologies of control.

Grigoriy Grabovoy created simple and effective methods. Every person using these methods and transferring technologies of macro-salvation could independently control life events and restore health just by usage of own consciousness.

Since 29th March 2005 Grigoriy Grabovoy has become the leader of organizational committee on foundation of political party DRUGG;

On 17th March 2006 Grigoriy Grabovoy was elected the Chairman of Russian political party DRUGG by the Constituent congress.

Confirmations of realization of forecasts and of facts of successful applications of inventions and devices with taken out patents of Grigoriy Grabovoy are officially certified in state organizations and by individuals.

Grigoriy Grabovoy on permanent basis conducts work on macro-salvation, on distribution of knowledge and technologies of salvation of people, and teaching people. The results of his work are confirmed by

• Published by him three volumes of evidences about the facts of his clairvoyance, healing of people, offering assistance in control of events (see: Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation. – Moscow, Kalashnikov, 1999

• His diplomas and certificates

• Numerous books, written and published by his disciples and followers about him, his technologies and results of technologies usage. More than 120 articles about Grigoriy Grabovoy’s activities were published in magazines and newspapers from 1994 to 2001.

During the years of his work he conducted hundreds of teaching seminars and lectures, which were attended by thousands of people from CIS and foreign countries.

There are tens of thousands of declarations of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s disciples and supporters about positive experience of usage of his technologies. These declarations testify about healing of diseases incurable from the point of view of orthodox medicine, about positive control of life events, and about facts of prevention of possible destructive macro-processes (see: articles and evidences).

ABOUT ILLEGAL ARREST, Persecution Due to Political Reasons of a Famous Russian Scientist, the Chairman of Political Party ДРУГГ of RF Grigoriy Grabovoy

In September 2004 Grigoriy Grabovoy declared about his intention to found political party ДРУГГ and be a candidate to the position of President of Russia in 2008. Soon after this declaration leading Russian mass media started massed slandering campaign against him. Mass media including “Izvestiya” and “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspapers, TV channels ORT, RTR, NTV, and others distribute slander about him and his activities.

Newspaper articles and TV shows produced many times doubtful information about activities of Grigoriy Grabovoy in insulting and deteriorative manner. They try to put in doubt authenticity of his diplomas and effectiveness of technologies in order to reduce speed of distribution of technologies of control of reality among people and to remove a possible competitor at elections 2008. Actually this campaign gave no results. The number of people who study and apply technologies of control of Grigoriy Grabovoy steadily grows.

Later on mass media reduced the essence of distributed slander to false information according to which Grigoriy Grabovoy and his disciples received money for the promise to resurrect children who perished during the terrorists act in Beslan, Northern Osetiya on 1-3 September 2004.

Newspaper “Izvestiya” became the first distributor of this false information having published the articles of D.Sokolov-Mitrich (newpaper issues: articles “Beslan is Occupied by Sectarians and Swindlers” of 24th December 2004, articles “The Grabovoy’s Money”; of 14th January 2005, article “President Nazarbayev is enrolled as a sectarian”; of 25th March 2005, article “A sect in the Kremlin”; of 21st September 2005, articles “It is violently to use us in such a state”; of 5th October 2005 “The sect of Grabovoy has nothing to do with religion”).

D.Sokolov-Mitrich called the followers of the Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoy “a sect” in these articles. He many times confirmed that “the adherents of the sect offered some citizens of Beslan to resurrect the deceased children for 39’000 rubles”.

D.Sokolov-Mitrich informed in his article of 24th December 2004 that the law enforcement bodies of Northern Osetiya took interest in the activities of members of the sect (as he called the disciples of Grigoriy Grabovoy). However in the end of the same article there was a reference to the declaration of press service of Ministry of Home Affairs of Northern Osetiya. The press service informed “Izvestiya” newspaper that they were not able to institute legal proceeding due to the absence of proofs and evidences: “No statements have been submitted yet”. No statements were submitted and have been submitted till now because neither Grigoriy Grabovoy nor his disciples visited Beslan. They never promised resurrection to anyone and moreover never received money for this promise.

Nevertheless false information released by D.Sokolov-Mitrich was caught up by other mass media. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper, TV channels NTV, Russia, ORT have been calling Grigoriy Grabovoy “a swindler” and “a sectarian” for one and a half years. They confirm that he “received money for resurrection of children in Beslan”. Journalists and TV showmen ignore elementary legal norms adopted in the whole-civilized world. The principle of presumption of innocence doesn’t exist for the mass media mentioned above.

In accordance with part 1, Article 49 of Constitution of Russian Federation “Everyone who is accused of committing a crime shall be considered not guilty unless his fault is proved in accordance with the stipulated by the federal law order and determined by a court verdict which has come into legal force.”

Mass media also violate articles 17, 21, and 44 of Constitution of Russia and article 10 of European Convention on Protection of Human Rights and Main Freedoms.

In spite of the fact that law enforcement bodies didn’t bring an indictment, newspapers and TVs went on spreading false information about the so called committed crime in the form of receiving money for the promise to resurrect children of Beslan. Famous Russian mass media violate Constitution of Russian Federation accusing Grigoriy Grabovoy of the crime, which has been never committed.

Women who lost their children in Beslan tragedy learned about speculation on the death of their children from the newspaper and TV sensations. They learned about Grigoriy Grabovoy for the first time from these very newspapers and TV shows. In August 2005 some of them came to Moscow and made a declaration that information about payment for the promise to resurrect their children was false. According to them neither Grigoriy Grabovoy nor his disciples came to their city due to this reason. No one had ever received money for resurrection of children in Beslan. This information is confirmed by a video-record of verbal declaration of women from Beslan. The record is posted at the official Internet site of political party DRUGG

Accusations released by “Izvestiya” and distributed by other all-Russia mass media appeared to be rejected by the main participants of Beslan tragedy, women who lost their children during the terrorist act. The journalists in the articles mentioned above declared that they protected the interests of these women. The many-months newspaper and TV sensations didn’t help to find a single fact of payment of money for resurrection of children in Beslan or to find a single victim.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” Creates a “Victim”

Journalists from newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” came to rescue of their colleagues from “Izvestiya” in situation of spreading of false information. As no victims of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s “swindle” had been found during such a long period they decided to put their efforts in order to “create” one victim. A journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” V.Vorsobin with the help of his colleague constructed a photo-robot in September 2005. He decided to have a course of individual training conducted by Grigoriy Grabovoy.

V.Vorsobin concluded an agreement for hardware-digital processing of a video record with mathematical numerical method of Runge-Kutt and participation in an individual seminar.He paid 39100 rubles for the seminar in accordance with the agreement.

Based on the agreement and payment V.Vorsobin took part in the seminar. After the seminar V.Vorsobin had a personal meeting with Grigoriy Grabovoy. During this meeting Grigoriy Grabovoy passed a CD the through the device of opto-magnetic activation and activated it. He gave V.Vorsobin the CD and individual sequences of numbers for future individual work. V.Vorsobin, in his turn, showed the photo of photo-robot and asked a question about resurrection. After the seminar and the meeting V.Vorsobin received a videocassette with the record of the seminar he had attended for individual work based on the methods of Grigoriy Grabovoy. He received a certificate, which included the following: “Grigoriy Grabovoy created his author’s text of the seminar and technologies of the Teaching of Grigoriy Grabovoy based on the topic of the seminar for the first time during the seminar that give advantages to the participant of the seminar for distribution of the Teachings of Grigoriy Grabovoy”.

After V.Vorsobin had attended the individual training conducted by Grigoriy Grabovoy “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published Vorsobin’s article “How I Resurrected a Photo-Robot” on 29th September 2005. In this article V.Vorsobin accused Grigoriy Grabovoy of swindle in the form of receiving money for resurrection of photo-robot. The next article “How I Tried to Imprison Grabovoy” was published on 1st December 2005. In this article the mentioned above journalist informed that he submitted a statement about a swindle to the law enforcement bodies based on the fact of payment for resurrection of the photo-robot. However V.Vorsobin informed that legal proceedings were not instituted based on the facts he cited. Resolution of the office of public prosecutor confirmed this information.

In accordance with Article 159 of Criminal Code of Russian Federation “Swindle is a theft of someone’s property or an acquisition of a right for someone’s property by means of deceit or breach of trust”. In accordance with this article an act could be qualified according to Article 159 “Swindle” if a theft (in accordance with Criminal Code of RF theft is a requisition of someone’s property without compensation”) and deceit or breach of trust are present in the act.

However neither a theft nor deceit or breach of trust was detected. Therefore the case of V.Vorsobin didn’t contain corpus delicti. There is no act, which could be qualified according to article 159 of Criminal Code of RF “Swindle”. It is quite clear that the proceedings were not instituted based on V.Vorsobin’s statement in autumn of 2005. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure the prosecutor signed a resolution to dismiss institution of criminal procedure based on the statement of V.Vorsobin.

Actually V. Vorsobin was aware of what kind of seminar he was going to attend and who would conduct the seminar. Voluntary he paid amount determined for participation in this seminar not to Grigoriy Grabovoy, but to Babitskiy whom Grigoriy Grabovoy didn’t know. He took part exactly in that seminar he wanted to attend according to the agreement and for which he paid money.

Comparison of Facts and Judgments

One of the signs of a democratic society is diversity, i.e. ability of people and social institutions to perceive calmly and admit existence of various opinions about reality and its development. These opinions should have equal rights for development and existence. Existence of diverse opinions provides a way to new discoveries and gives the society possibility to pass over to the next stage of development.

The campaign spread by mass media and their clients depreciates and makes insignificant views and values of many thousands of people. These people acknowledge and testify about professionalism, creativity and effectiveness of Grigoriy’s Grabovoy’s technologies. There are thousands of stated in the documents results about aims achieved by control of events, about restorations of health. These results are received by people due to usage of the author’s technologies and methods of control of reality of Grigoriy Grabovoy without his direct participation. Grigoriy Grabovoy always tries to draw attention exactly to this issue: it is important to give a person such knowledge and methods, which he will be able to use independently in order to improve his life, to be able to do this not relying on somebody or something.

All people who testify about the results of usage of Grigoriy’s Grabovoy’s technologies of control have the right for their position. They have actual confirmations of this position in the form of real results and life events.

If, according to confirmations of mass media, “Grigoriy Grabovoy is a swindler and charlatan” it means that everyone who has been working and communicating with him for many years should be considered at least as “mad” and at most as “sectarians and swindlers”. It means that all people who gave Grigoriy Grabovoy diplomas and signed certificate and evidences in various World countries have become incompetent, inadequate, and non-professional. These people include a big number of scientists, social figures, cosmonauts, rescuers, and well-known professionals in many other socially significant fields of activities. Based on the logic of the accusers all opinions of these people and consequently these people are worthless (!).

Therefore pure comparison of positions of supporters of Grigoriy Grabovoy and his accusers shows the following:

Position of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s supporters is based on facts and practical results:

• Three volumes “Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation” and more than four and a half of thousands of evidences of people and organizations about positive results of usage of his technologies;

• Numerous articles in newspapers and journals about Grigoriy Grabovoy, his technologies and usage of technologies published in Russia and abroad;

• Publications, patents, diplomas and certificates of Russian and international levels testify about scientific and practical activities of Grigoriy Grabovoy;

• There are teaching programs of Grigoriy Grabovoy approved by UNESCO, Ministry of Education of RF, which are successfully used in the Ministry of Extraordinary situations, cosmonautics, and aviation.

Accusations in mass media are based on various not related to one another facts and judgements with misinterpretation of the facts:

Fact No 1. Availability of the Teachings about Resurrection (a work of Grigoriy Grabovoy “Resurrection and Eternal Life since Now On Have Become Our Reality!” was published in 1999 far before the events in Beslan)

Fact No 2. Tragic events in Beslan and death of children on 1-3 September 2004.

Fact No 3. The amount according to the agreement of 19th September 2005 for the services on video recording and production of digitalized recording of the seminar, which was conducted on 19th September 2005, was 39100 rubles. The amount was paid by Vorsobin to the account of entrepreneur Kirill Ernestovich Babitskiy, who worked based on Certificate on registration 77, No 006000448 of 18.03.2005.

As a result mass media framed up an accusation based on which the amount stipulated in the agreement is attached to the “services on resurrection” and is joined with “moral evaluation” as a blasphemous desire to earn irrespectively of feelings of the victims. They ignore facts that foundation documents of the Fund of Grigoriy Grabovoy provide a condition that any teaching and advice about technologies on resurrection are provided on exclusively free of charge basis. They ignore the fact that journalist V.Vorsobin signed documents that he had been familiarized with the condition that all advice and teaching on technologies on resurrection of Grigoriy Grabovoy and all his disciples were free of charge. They ignored the fact that the mother from Beslan many times publicly declared that neither Grigoriy Grabovoy nor his disciples had ever imposed any services to them and received money from them.

Accusations of Grigoriy Grabovoy are based on the articles of two journalists, who made their declarations based on framed up combination of facts not related to one another and on groundless declaration that the practical meaning of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s technologies is insignificant. They never used technologies of Grigoriy Grabovoy, therefore their opinion in this issue could not be considered as significant.

• Articles of D.Sokolov-Mitrich in “Izvestiya”: “Beslan is Occupied by Sectarians and Swindlers” of 24th December 2004, articles “The Grabovoy’s Money”; of 14th January 2005, article “President Nazarbayev is enrolled as a sectarian”; of 25th March 2005, article “A sect in the Kremlin”; of 21st September 2005, articles “It is violently to use us in such a state”; of 5th October 2005 “The sect of Grabovoy has nothing to do with religion”

• Articles of V.Vorsobin in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper”: “Extrasensory individual Grabovoy promises to mothers of Beslan to resurrect their children” of 22-29 September 2005; “They promise to resurrect the children of Beslan by 15th October” of 27th September 2005; “How Grabovoy was resurrecting our photo-robot” of 29th September – 6th October; “Where is the money, Grisha Grabovoy?” of 6th October 2005; “Cursed by Vanga and rejected by the Kremlin…” of 6-13 October 2005; “How I tried to imprison Grabovoy” of 1-8 December 2005; “Komsomolka managed to get the lying resurrector Grigoriy Grabovoy arrested” of 7th April 2006; “The pseudo-prophet wanted to pay off to the correspondent of “Komsomolka”” of 8th April 2006; “Grabovoy earned on people woe more than 10 million dollars” of 13-20 April 2006; “Grabovoy returns money to the victims. “How the “Grabovists” “Resurrected” Evdokimov” of 7th April 2006.

When we compare the quantity and quality of thousands of evidences of independent people about practical usefulness and creativity of technologies of Grigoriy Grabovoy with the accusations of the two journalists, theatricality of their accusations, and eccentricity of situation of persecution of Grigoriy Grabovoy and his supporters, become quite apparent. The Constituent Congress of Russian Political Party ДРУГГ

Mass media carefully went on replicating slanderous, insulting, and false publications about Grigoriy Grabovoy and he new party ДРУГГ. Their aim was to reduce the speed of distribution of technologies of control of the reality among people and to remove a competitor from elections 2008.

In spite of slander and false accusations in mass media Grigoriy Grabovoy’s activities on teaching people and distribution of the Teachings about macro-salvation continued. The number of people who studied and used technologies of control of Grigoriy Grabovoy was steadily growing. The work on foundation of political party DRUGG was being carried out. Regional departments of party DRIGG have been created in more than half of regions of Russia.

On 17th of March 2006 in compliance with legislation of Russian Federation the Constituent Congress of Russian political party DRUGG took place. It means that in accordance with point 2 of article 11 of Federal Law of RF “About political parties” No 95-ФЗ “The political party is considered to be founded”.

On 20th March 2006, soon after conduction of the constituent congress, the law enforcement bodies “reacted” to the absurd statement of V.Vorsobin about payment for resurrection of photo-robot and instituted criminal proceedings against Grigoriy Grabovoy based on article 159 of the Criminal Code “Swindle”. However, according to the procedural criminal law of RF the public prosecutor had the right to institute proceedings only within 30 days after the publication in autumn of 2005.

Infinite mentioning and misinterpretation of information about the tragic events in Beslan strained the nerves and sapped strength of participants of these events. Each mentioning responds with pain and could have no excuses. Susanna Dudieva, the chair-woman of Committee of mothers of Beslan, women who lost their children during the terrorist act could not rely any more on common sense of the editorial board and applied with an open letter to “Izvestiya” on 4th April 2006. This newspaper had initially published the false information.

Susanna Dudieva in this letter reproofed the lie, which wss being spread by mass media. This was the lie about payment for the promise to resurrect children. She informed the newspaper that in case of their refusal to publish an editorial with a reproof (the volume of reproof should be the same as the volume of slanderous and doubtful information about Grigoriy Grabovoy and the mothers of Beslan) she would have to apply to court for protection of her rights.

“Izvestiya” newspaper ignored the letter of Susanna Dudieva and refused to publish this letter contrary to the regulation of the Federal Law “About Mass Media”.

Please note that S.Dudieva submitted her letter to the addressee on 5th April. Grigoriy Grabovoi was arrested exactly on 5th April 2006 for 48 hours for giving evidences. On 7th April 2006 based on the court decision Grigoriy Grabovoy was imprisoned for the period of investigation. The barristers filed the first appeal requesting to change the preventive punishment on 10th April 2006. It should have been heard within three days. However the hearing was appointed just to 17th May 2006.

When Grigoriy Grabovoy was imprisoned mass media renewed slandering speculations on feelings of people. They again used reporting about Beslan tragedy. Leading TV channels showed Grigoriy Grabovoy in handcuffs. They declared, “Grigoriy Grabovoy who received money for resurrections of children deceased in Beslan has been arrested”.

Susanna Dudieva came to TV studio of “Pervyi” channel on 11th April 2006. She wanted to participate in TV show “Let them say”. The organizers of the show invited disciples of Grigoriy Grabovoy to participate in “Let them say”. However they didn’t admit Susanna Dudieva to the studio.

It becomes quite clear that mass media conceal deliberately Susanna Dudieva’s information. Such concealing of information testifies to the fact that leading TV channels and periodicals do not want their audience to know the truth. They deliberately distribute slander about Grigoriy Grabovoy, political party DRUGG, and therefore commit a crime. According to Article 129 of Criminal Code of Russian Federation, part 1 “Slander is distribution of deliberately false information, which blackens honor and dignity of another person or undermines his reputation…”; part 2 “Slander, which is contained in a public speech, publicly demonstrated work or mass media information,…” Insulting statements addressed to Grigoriy Grabovoy fall under qualification of crime stipulated by article 130 of Criminal Code of FR “Insult”.

Published information about positive experience of usage of technologies of Grigoriy Grabovoy’s Teachings on healing, control of events, and prevention of catastrophes is either ignored by the journalists or misinterpreted. Sometimes this information is presented with hints at irresponsibility of the authors of evidences and publications, and of the scientist.

Mass media have been distributing till today deliberately false information defiling honor, dignity, and good name of Grigoriy Grabovoy. This false information undermines his business reputation. Political party DRUGG has been created in accordance with the Law of RF “About political Parties”. Its program has been published in an official newspaper of RF Government “Russian newspaper” (see: The main provisions of the program of political party DRUGG of Russian Federation// RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER. – 3RD May 2006. – No 92 (4058). – C.23.). However mass media continue calling the party “a sect” and Grigoriy Grabovoy and members of party DRUGG “sectarian” and “swindlers” (“Komsomolskaya Pravda”, 6th May 2006, TV channel “Stolitsa”, TV show “The Lights of the Big City” of 7th May 2006).

After arrest of Grigoriy Grabovoy his disciples and supporters sent to law enforcement bodies thousands of letters, which inform about the facts of slander contained in public statements at TV and newspaper publications. However law enforcement bodies showed no reaction in response to information of citizens about violations of the law.


It is clear from the written above that

• Mass media started massed slandering campaign immediately after public declaration made by Grigoriy Grabovoy in which he informed about his intention to be a candidate to position of President of Russia in 2008 and beginning of his work on foundation of political party DRUGG for participation in parliamentary and president’s elections. Actually it is not possible to stop foundation of a party because of protection by the law. Therefore an illegal method of arrest of Grigoriy Grabovoy was chosen.

• Three days after conduction of the Constituent Congress of political party ДРУГГ criminal proceedings against Grigoriy Grabovoy were instituted. The so-called criminal case was based on framed up by journalist V.Vorsobin statement about a crime (the statement was based on false information). Public prosecutor had no right to institute criminal proceedings based on this statement according to the Procedural Criminal Law;

• The extreme preventive punishment, i.e. imprisonment, has been applied to Grigoriy Grabovoy for the period of investigation in spite of the facts that he has never been convicted before, he is a respectable citizen and the crime he is accused of is not a grave one;

• Law enforcement bodies do not react to numerous applications and statements of citizens informing about facts of direct violation of Constitution of RF, international legislation, and federal laws about mass media.

The facts cited above give us grounds to conclude that

• There is a purposeful activity hampering formation of regional departments of political party ДРУГГ and preventing increase of party’s headcount. It is evident that it is difficult to attract people to the party in conditions of discredit of its ideology and the Leader. Thus it is clear that the aim to remove Grigoriy Grabovoy from participation in elections of 2008 as a candidate to position of President of Russia;

• As the activities of Grigoriy Grabovoy, including the political, are aimed at exclusively universal salvation and realization of universal eternal harmonic development, including prevention of possible global catastrophe and any destructive events in the world. (Foundation of the party and inclusion into work of political mechanisms of control is required for quick and centralized transference to all people of technologies of salvation), Misinterpretation of information about Grigoriy Grabovoy and his technologies might hamper timely receipt of information about methods of control and salvation by people who really need help but would not be able to use these technologies timely.
Therefore, the activities of mass media and of those who placed an order to hinder Grigoriy Grabovoy in an honest election campaign are anti-social. Moreover these activities might be interpreted as assistance to destructive forces because could bring to decrease of the speed of distribution of technologies of salvation of Grigoriy Grabovoy among people.

• Grigoriy Grabovoy is persecuted because of political reasons. All accusations against him are false and made based on someone’s order.

• Criminal proceedings, arrest and imprisonment of Grigoriy Grabovoy ARE ILLEGAL. He is to be immediately released from the prison and fully acquitted and rehabilitated in social opinion!

We are going to reinstate all rights and freedoms of citizen of RF Grigoriy Grabovoy and of his supporters. Rehabilitation in mass media of the social opinion about Grigoriy Grabovoy and party ДРУГГ through should be implemented by publishing public apologies and reproofs in the same TV programs and newspapers, which published doubtful information about him, lie, and slander.

We apply to all people of good will: please support us!

Formation of happy future of the Earth depends on each of you!

Russian political party ДРУГГ

12th May 2006


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